At Woodward Group, technology is an important aspect and we are proud that it is a differentiator of our services. For this reason we have promoted the development of our own technology, to keep us at the forefront and in constant innovation, involving IT experts, who work hand in hand with professionals in foreign trade. This way we can optimize our procedures with technological tools incorporated to the customs and logistic processes, this improves our quality and efficiency.


Our data center security guarantees business continuity and eases risk management, alined with the disaster recovery plan (DRP). We maintain our services with hybrid technology by combining local infrastructure (private cloud) with public cloud.


Through technological tools, we optimize our customs and logistics processes, this allows us to streamline the operation; additionally, our platform records all the events that occur in the clearance for, later use this data in analysis that allow us to continuously improve, by obtaining information for a better decision making, productivity indicators and quality of service.

Added values

  • KPI’s
  • Operations statistics
  • Tracking
  • Scheduled reports
  • Access to portal for downloading information