Special projects

In Woodward Group we understand that there are multiple industries that invest in our country and face the challenge of its logistics, its international network and its supply chains. That is why we develop efficient, punctual, and tailor-made logistics projects with national and international coverage, regardless of the industry or size of the company.

Mechanical Shovel

  • Transportation of a 1400 ton mechanical shovel from P&H to the Peña Colorada Mine in 62 trucks including modulars, low boys and platforms.
  • Preparation, tree pruning and removal of signaling obstructing the path.
  • Load planning of the vessel at origin.
  • Road closure in coordination with customs authorities and municipal and federal police.
  • Unloading planning at Manzanillo's port, direct unloading of oversized and heavy pieces.
  • Selection of special equipment for each over-dimensioned piece.
  • Preliminary inspection of the road sections to be crossed.

Coated natural gas pipe

  • In Manzanillo: unloading of 5 vessels, each with 4,000 pipes, directly to trucks for their transfer to the unloading sites on the Manzanillo - Guadalajara route.
  • Ship loading coordination at origin.
  • In Veracruz: unloading of 7 ships, with 18 meters long pipes, directly to a collection center outside the port of Veracruz.
  • Preparation of personnel, equipment, lashing, trucks and trailers to meet the highest demands of personal protection and safety for the material.
  • 500 trips to transport Mexican pipe with very high coating and requirements of safety, legality and environmental protection.
  • Equipment of unloading sites to ensure that the operation was a success in terms of time and safety.
  • Unloading from Tuxpan. We developed our presence in the port of Tuxpan. It is currently part of our coverage.